Monday, December 20, 2010

Today’s Family Wellness Tips – Part II

Play a fun game

Send a thoughtful e-mail

Hug a dear friend

Visit a Senior

Decide to stop smoking

Get rid of one big, bad thought

Smell the flowers

Stay away from blame games

Walk in the woods

Avoid folks who spew out problems

Take time with a child

Write a diary

Avoid folks who are upsetting

Use the handrail - falls cost

Do not gossip

Write a goal for today

Snuggle with your mate

Say Please and Thank You

Drive slower

Start every day with a big Wellness thought

Meditate/pray today

Make eye contact

Go to bed on time

Check every medication on the internet

Drink more water

Don’t argue - count to 10

Play your favourite music

Listen first; talk later

Count your blessings

It takes a family – there is no solo Wellness

Give these Family Wellness tips a try with your FAMILY CHALLENGES – see how they work for you!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Today’s Family Wellness Tips – Part I

Find a good joke

Stop doing one thing

Talk less, listen more

Do just one important thing today

Slow everything down

Listen to your favourite music

Try just waiting

Ignore the tailgater

Read a book chapter

Think Wellness not illness

Ignore that insult

Make two lists: today’s and tomorrow’s

One random deed of kindness

Ease back on the alcohol

Think wellness not illness

Ask a friend for help

Today, only one small step

Plan a trip

Do your daily exercise

Wellness comes from good things in balance

Drop one junk food

Leave the mess until tomorrow

Get a 10 minute quiet time

Turn off extreme TV

Do something silly

When lost for words – smile

Avoid multi-tasking

Don’t wait for phone or mail

Quit when tired

With Wellness, everything affects everything else

Have a good look at these Family Wellness tips - see how they help you with your FAMILY CHALLENGES.