Friday, February 13, 2009


We all know how to be well: eat right, exercise, good relationships, prayer, be useful, learn and taste the arts. We also know that our wellness prevents illness; it helps us even if we do get sick. We are happier when we are well. Most of all we want our kids to be well.

So why aren’t we as well as we can be?

There are two big answers to that big question. First, we lose sight of our wellness because we are so busy and so distracted. Who has time to think about doing all the things that make us well? What a bind we are in!

Second, we have the habit of looking to someone else when we have a wellness problem. If we think we are sick we look on TV or the internet for a silver bullet. Or, we get a doctor’s appointment where we end up with some drug.

With the focus off our wellness and looking for someone else to help, we miss the wellness benefits.

So what do we need to do to be well? We need to take time to scan our wellness list to see what we most need doing. Then we need to do something now.

How can we get something done when we are so busy? A simple goal does the job - “In eight weeks I will take time to read a book I’ve always meant to”. How can I be sure I will bother? By writing the goal and result down and asking someone to help me keep track.

How will reading that book help my wellness? My rushing is unhealthy. Reading can break that cycle. By reading I stimulate my mind - learning is a big wellness step.

The way to wellness is to look up, take one small step then think about the next step a bit later.

As in all of the FAMILY CHALLENGES, stopping to take time even for the smallest thing takes effort. Tell us how you do with your first “small step”.