Thursday, May 08, 2008


Despite great world-wide confusion, the family spiritual issue is quite simple:

What’s it all about? That’s the question.

With all the possible different answers, each family faces the same question.

Can you imagine parents trying to raise their children without looking at that fundamental question? Yes, because it is happening. The spiritual questions are too confusing, so let’s leave it till later when we may need it.

Can you imagine turning kids loose in this mixed up world to find their own answer to the big spiritual question? Sure we can, if we forget kids look to us to see our answers so they have somewhere to start.

At the very least, kids need to know the spiritual choices. Parents need to know and share what the big religions say about our choices. There are four big ones:

  1. Do I want to become better?
  2. What do I believe – God? Fate? Luck? Prayer? Goodness?
  3. Do I have a spiritual home or group? (Can’t get there alone)
  4. Am I here to help others?

The many millions who have followed one of the great religions have learned that spirituality requires answers to all of these big choices.

So, is my family spiritual? The answer is “Yes”, if the members are actively helping each other with the four big spiritual questions.

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