Thursday, June 18, 2009


Decades ago, Bumstead in the cartoon Blondie, started the jokes about dear, old, bumbling, Dad. It would still be funny but some folks now take it as a comment on modern family life.

This coincides with Mom taking on two jobs. The focus has turned to Mom and the heavy load she has. In the process, Dad seems to be losing his muscle.

Most Dads today are very pleased to share the load of family breadwinner. They are also glad to lose the label of “Family Boss”. They know that teamwork works best.

There is a snag in all this. With all the attention on Mom, kids can get warped views of men and women. Both girls and boys continue to need to see Dads as strong and brave - doing guy things. They will enter their later adult relationships holding family views of adult roles.

In the old days, the dominant male style wasn’t the best for children. Now, any dominant female styles will also do kids a disservice.

So, this comes down to the old story. Mom and Dad must make sure they have their act and their signals straight to do the best job for the kids. This is true regardless of family structure or orientations.

Wars between Mom and Dad are the world’s most damaging experiences for children. In wars, nobody is right. In wars, nobody wins.

Let’s hear from you on this FAMILY CHALLENGE.

Monday, June 01, 2009


This great saying may not sit well with some women. It suggests that:

  • Family is down when Mama is down
  • Everybody is tense when Mama is tense
  • Family is grumpy when Mama is grumpy
  • Things only go well when Mama is OK

Today’s Mamas have every right to say:

  • “Enough is enough”
  • “I’m already doing three jobs”
  • “Who’s looking out for me?”

If the saying is true, then each Mama should:

  • Accept the fact she shapes family moods
  • Remember that raising kids is job One
  • Ensure her mate shares the load
  • Look after her life for today

This isn’t just Mama’s challenge, this is a FAMILY CHALLENGE!