Sunday, December 08, 2013


FWR Says: Risks in good families - Grandparent Contacts

We know that some grandparents can have great influences on the character of children - for good or for bad. We also know that, today, there is often some distance between a family and the grandparents. And, we also know that today’s parents are so rushed they have little time for themselves without thinking about the grandparents.

There are some risks in all this. Parents can miss guidance of children. The children can miss important influences and lessons grandparents have learned. In earlier days, grandparents were close to families so that the children got benefits from six or more adults. Sadly that day has gone.

In the Williams family, there were obstacles to the children’s access to the grandparents. Distance was one. Religion was another - the younger generation had no interest in the church in which they were raised. Then there was the all too common matter of parents wanting to prove themselves – hence resenting grandparent contacts. This is close to tragic for both the children and the grandparents. For some mysterious reason this generation of parents has little regard for their own history.

Some tips for grandparents:
  • Don’t back off
  • Special events are always good
  • Money can be used in personal ways

FWR Says: Each child needs to know his grandparents


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