Sunday, November 10, 2013


FWR Says: The Risks in Good Families – The Community?

The family gets all its life from the community.

From taxes, we get: roads, police, fire protection, health care, schools, colleges, sanitation, and the military.

From business, we get: food, clothing, drugs, beauty aides, funerals, flights, trains, videos, TV, phones, casinos, entertainment and the internet.

From the volunteers, we get: art, music, drama, boys and girls clubs, YMCA, YWCA, sports (hockey, baseball, soccer, football), flowers, books, stamps and conservation clubs, churches, camps, service clubs, neighbourhood watch, seniors programs, and A.A.

From the above we seem to have three very big and different family resources: The Basics, The Human Services and The Quality of Life Resources.

Please note that quality of life resources come from volunteer efforts. In Canada, there are 165,000 non-profit organizations. One tenth of Canadians volunteer at least a half a day a week (Nine tenths don’t).

The quality of life in a free society comes from volunteer efforts. Most of our present human services originated by volunteers. The family that doesn’t volunteer needs to think about its quality of life and that of its neighbours.

FWR Says: A family finds its meaning and its wellness through community volunteering?


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