Thursday, December 13, 2007


In the “good old days” we could predict our family’s future:

  • Where we would live and our neighbours
  • Our work and income level
  • The church and school we would attend
  • Our family values and beliefs

Today family life with teens is also predictable:

  • We will argue about time to be back, cars, homework
  • We will live in different cyber worlds with cell phones and internet
  • We will have good times together and bad times apart
  • We all will focus on school, grades and careers
  • We will worry about smoking, drugs and sex
  • We will argue about who’s boss

What is not predictable is what our family will be like in a few short years.
Those who are now teens will be calling the shots. They will decide:

  • Will we be a close or distant family?
  • How important will money, career and status be?
  • What will be the family values?
  • Will the family have a spiritual base?
  • Will the family contribute to the community?
  • How will the next generation be raised?

Being parents is the toughest job with the least training. If families with teens were focused on these mighty questions of the future of their family, maybe the teenage phase would have a better focus for all family members.

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