Wednesday, September 19, 2007


In our fast changing world families now take different forms from traditional to “way-out”. Yet, the family is still our best bet for love, trust, basic values and security. It is also our community’s best bet for freedom and security.

Now, a family is any group that meets regularly to eat, do things, have fun and in some cases, pray. So, the big question is “What’s this family all about?”

The traditional family didn’t need to wonder about itself because family life was the pattern. Now is there a pattern or is every family on its own?

If today’s family is on its own, the next question is “Who’s setting the pattern - the family itself or the community?” Our fast paced world with its fast cars, money, technology and media seems to have the upper hand in shaping the family. In the meantime the family is being bombarded by media messages and government rules saying what the family should be doing.

So the bottom line is that families now need to take control of their own special uniqueness, roles and rules if it is to provide the loving, trusting place on which we all rely.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007


The Barna Research Group has just released a study of 10,000 adults and their views on spirituality. The big study result is that Moms show greater interest in faith than Dads:

- Three quarters of the Moms interviewed identify “family” to be their highest priority.

- A majority of Moms agree that their faith is very important in their life.

- Dads also list “family” as first priority with much less emphasis on faith.

- Moms were distinct from fathers on 11 of 12 faith factors.

- A majority of Moms said they have been transformed by their faith but less than half the Dads said so.

All this may be a surprise to some but not to most. However, there is something more important than these differences. We all know that raising children is a tough job for two parents and even tougher for one.

The spiritual nurturing of children is in the hands of parents. The differences cited here are all the more reason Moms and Dads need to work together for the well-being of their children. If Moms show greater interest in faith, then they need to use that gift in cooperation with the gifts of Dads.

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