Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Have we noticed that we now live a world of organization? Medicine, recreation, family help - all used to come from friends and neighbours. Now they come through organizations.

Our family members spend more time in organizations than at home. But home is our first line of security. How do we manage to do both?

Sounds like we need to help each other do good things at home so we know what to look for in all our organizations. The big thing here is that we have some control in our family and much less control in our various organizations.

The modern organization has a character of its own. It has a unique culture, policies, beliefs and ways of doing things. How do we fit our family culture, talents and beliefs with the organization?

Sounds like we need to know what to look for when we knock on the door of an organization. Here are some of the good things to check out:

  • Number one always, is supervision: is it a boss or teamwork place?
  • Next, are the people - friendly or not? The receptionist is a good sign.
  • Next is motive - what’s their real mission? Greed or Service?
  • And, is vision and teamwork the way they get things done?

The danger in organizations is getting trapped in the wrong place and not seeing a way out. We can check out ahead by asking friends, volunteering, getting a student job.

Probably the best approach to an organization is to have the key, direct questions ready to be asked up front. The good, strong organization will value our direct questions. The weak ones act insulted.

No matter how bad we want to get in, the wrong organization will just make life worse.

Our family is our first and best group experience. Our best preparation for life in the organization is our family well-being and togetherness.

Let’s hear your views on this latest FAMILY CHALLENGE.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


In all the sex excitement, we can easily get distracted from the main thing: the main purpose is to make kids. The other big deal is that good sex makes for family harmony in which children grow.

Unfortunately, most of the excitement involves various kinds of sex abuse. Toping that list are the advertisers who tarnish sex for purposes of attention and money. With them are the copywriters for the media, films and the arts. These folks turn to sex as they run out of solid content.

We all know the big sex facts: infidelity hurts everybody; teen pregnancy comes from teen sex; HIV comes from unwise sex.

Sex can be an appealing addiction giving rise to pornography and horrible crimes. Our justice systems are overtaxed trying to keep up with the growth. Behind them are the money merchants who profit from keeping all this human misery going.

Then there are the headline seeking academics and their frothing followers. They use the popular appeal of sex to advance their own status and careers. They cite studies that emphasize gender differences. They ignore the fundamentals of family solidarity. All this propaganda distorts family life and makes life tough for children.

There also, are the lawyers who are out to sanitize the family. They make laws against such vital things like hugs. In families, schools and other intimate relationships, hugs are indispensable to good child and family mental health. How do we go about taking these lawyers to court?

Those of us who are not on any sex abuse registry can feel smug ignoring what all these rascals are doing to the precious nature of the marital relationship and the family home. There is already too many out marching for things less important. Maybe some renowned writer should write a solid best-seller on “Sex and the Family”.

For more on family wellness please see: www.familycybermall.org.

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