Tuesday, January 21, 2014


FWR Says: Family Wellness - Our Only Hope for JUSTICE

The character of our society is shaped by our respect for our laws. Sadly, our legal systems are confusing, primitive and costly.

Lawyers operate much like what stock brokers call insider trading. Lawyers make the laws then turn around and charge huge legal fees to families. The legal profession has a grip on our justice systems. They make crucial family decisions with little or no background in human relations. While many lawyers are fine people, their behaviour is shaped by the system.

How can a family protect itself from these archaic systems? Here are some ways:

I. Only families can raise children to respect the law – “We have rules. There are consequences when we break a rule. Without laws that are honoured, we have chaos.”

II. Avoid the legal systems at all costs.

III. Once in a legal process, settle don’t dispute – especially where children are involved.

IV. Work with the school, the hospital and the church to find consensus on problems.

V. Turn off media efforts that portray legal handling of sex, violence and
family problems.

VI. Find a trustworthy family lawyer.

FWR Says: There are lawyers who are fully honest and honourable – find one