Saturday, June 22, 2013


FWR Asks:  Who knows what Life’s all about?

There are many who know something about life - doctors, scientists, counsellors, biologists, teachers and farmers.  All these folks’ know-how is somehow connected to some branch of science.

Then there is the group of artists, poets, theologians, social reformers and politicians who have firm views about life.  These folks don’t normally have the benefit of a science connection.

Unfortunately this host of folks still don’t answer our question about life’s meaning.  They have good bits and pieces, but they don’t seem to have something that puts their pieces together.

We need a practical answer. As parents and grandparents, we have the job of influencing the lives of our children.  So we are left to figure things out on our own despite the vast knowledge that exists. T here is a mammoth history of efforts to find the right answer.  We don’t have time to review all that.

So what do we do?  We do what Jim the carpenter does.  He and his wife share their experiences and then try to combine them.  They end up with a couple of rules of thumb like:
  • What works and is comfortable is good
  • We do tough love - we try to be kindly but firm
  • We watch friends and relatives for clues for raising kids
  • Hard work is the way - forget all the theories
  • Love solves most problems
 While each of these has value, life can be so complicated that we settle for one or two.  We don’t really know for sure we are on the right path, but we can’t stand still while we figure out all the ideas.  It would be great if there were some combined picture for our family life.

The good news is that efforts have now started to get a vision for the family that covers some of the big essentials.  One such effort is the Family Wellness Rainbow.  It combines some of the most obvious positive features for family life.  It is practical for the family.

Using the six colours of the Rainbow, a family can scan the scope of family wellness giving clues where there is some work to be done.  It even helps families strengthen their wellness by using the rainbow to set a practical goal.

For more details please see:

FWR Says:  Why not check out the wellness rainbow now?  It is free.

Sunday, June 09, 2013



The Old Family Story
  • Dad too busy at work
  • No energy at home for the kids
  • Little boys missed guy time with Dad
  • Little girls missed their time with Dad
The New Story is Very Different
  • Mom works at work, home, marriage - tries to run too fast
  • When Mom’s strung out, the family is strung out
  • Shift work doesn’t work for kids who need continuity
  • The kids are left with more freedom than they can handle
Overstressed Parents Are Trying to Raise Kids
  • Community kid culture brings questionable values
  • Police patroling schools – just like the street
  • Churches are losing their grip on family life
  • Business and governments peddle their products and programs
What About the Family?
  • Needs to regroup, get a grip and take control of family life
  • Needs to regain focus on the big job - raising kids
  • Shift priorities from goodies to wellness
  • Kids need to hear and feel parent values and beliefs
What About Mom?
  • Take a breath and put family first
  • Dad and kids need to do their full share – family and money
  • Mom needs to discover her new role in a working family
  • Time for Mom is a new family job
FWR Says:  Family!  Help make Mom well!