Friday, December 16, 2011


There is a simple, huge fact. Illness is about fixing problems. Wellness is about preventing problems and in some cases, easing problems.

Our budgets tell the story. Most money goes into specialized medicine: least money into prevention.

There is confusion about illness and wellness because they are in different worlds. The professionals help solve the current health problems; Families are responsible for their own wellness – long term.

We all need to realize that problem-solving doesn’t lead to wellness – it only gets us back to where we were. Wellness comes from a different world.

Wellness does two great things. It often prevents illness. In other cases it eases treatment and recovery.

Families have been used to going to the professionals for help. Today’s professionals are not trained in family-based wellness.

Something has got to change. Families need to refocus on their own wellness. Professionals need to learn the ways of helping families achieve wellness.

The big question is: “Who is going to pick up this big ball?” So far, no candidates in sight.

Where is your family on this latest FAMILY CHALLENGE?  Let's hear from you.

Thursday, December 01, 2011


The "What Ifs"

What if - Family wellness prevents, and sometimes, eases illness? Fixing problems does not produce wellness. Wellness comes from within the family - not from the absence of problems. Wellness and illness are in two different worlds.

What if – Family wellness comes from within the wider family? Wellness traits flow, silently and randomly, from the older to the younger generations.

What if – Family wellness comes in the shape of a Rainbow, with six ingredients that families work to find balance? One thing, like fitness alone, doesn’t make it.

Some Big Results from the "What Ifs"

The family must recapture its holistic vision of the wider family. That family is responsible for the wellness of their children. Community professionals can advise but can’t substitute for the family. Only families can care for their own 24/7.

The health and human services will experience huge changes. In health care with 30% of families using the Wellness Rainbow, 15% of the most specialized services can be replaced by wellness services to families. The costs of 100 families in intensive care will serve 1,000 families for wellness support.

The denominations are shrinking fast. The Christian churches have lost the vision of the founders. To regain the vision, the churches need to retool to focus on the wider family instead of their interest being limited to the individual.

Education is the popular investment by families for their children. By education alone, our children won’t find their own wellness.