Saturday, February 23, 2013


FWR Says:  Go For the Whole Family — The Clan

We all know that the family is getting fragmented by our pace, our work, our media and by technology. What we don’t know is how today’s lifestyle is effecting marriage, young children and teens.

New forms of family are becoming common - The blood lines don’t always work. A family is where a member’s love of the others doesn’t change regardless of anything. Family members are those who show up when things are at their worst.

New studies show one big fact: In the Clan with strong family ties, their members do well in their learning, work and individual lives. If the wider family leads we follow. Here are some Clan facts:
  1. Family relationships don’t take second place to careers, things or luxuries
  2. Parents keep grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins involved
  3. Children are full members - chores, thoughtfulness and decisions
  4. One troubled member is not be allowed to disrupt the family
  5. All remember that forgiveness builds relationships
FWR Says:  It is time for us to return to the Clan

Saturday, February 16, 2013


FWR Says: Wellness and independence don’t mix! Here’s why:
  • There is no living independent entity in the universe
  • There is no independence in the solar system
  • No living creature an earth lives independently
  • There is no independence in the food chain
  • Meteors are independent and on the path to death 
Here is what living independently would be like:
  • No joy from the experience of a close bond
  • No home base to belong
  • Learning is limited to self
  • Missing the thrill of seeing others grow
  • No hope for a personal future
We live in a society where many teens and some adults are in a fantasy of seeking independence. We pride ourselves on our independence. We campaign for more rights in the misguided hope that personal freedom will lead to personal wellbeing. Like the meteor the path to independence leads on to death.

The new Family Wellness Rainbow shows that the interdependence of relationships is the path to wellness for the individual and the family. It shows big ingredients for wellness and a practical way to build family wellness.

It is found at:

FWR says:  Independence is a brief teen fantasy, not a way of life

Saturday, February 09, 2013


FWR Says:  Loneliness is bad for our health and wellness

Loneliness is a growing condition in our society. Marriage breakup continues at a fast pace. More and more seniors live longer and face life alone. Single parent families now have set a pattern.

Why is loneliness lethal? Because, we are social beings who require company, friends we can count on and relatives who are close. Loneliness brings on fears and anxieties about ourselves and our future.

A recent study verifies this. Japanese immigrants to California were studied for their health and well-being. These people arrived in America with Japanese conditions of lifestyle. For instance, their rates of heart and stroke disease were 20% lower than Californian rates.

Those who immersed themselves in the Californian culture adopted U.S. health rates. The clan members that maintained their Japanese life-style and culture, their heart and stroke rates remained 20% below Californian rates.

It is not difficult to understand this. Clan members remained in touch with dear friends and relatives. That meant normal group and individual help and support. Loneliness could hardly exist there. This other group were at the mercy of the diverse and ever changing culture.

The moral of this story is that our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and dear friends are essential to our wellness.

FWR Says:  The wellness of family and its members depends on our clan

Saturday, February 02, 2013


FWR says:  Deep Friendships are Rare

We all have lots of friends. Here we look at the real close ones.

Shakespeare got it right when he wrote: “Love is not love which alters with alteration”. In other words, real friendship is unconditional. This is the love we first experienced with our parents.

We have few heart and soul friends - most friends qualify as friends without influence. They can be pleasant and kindly but the acid test comes when one or the other does a really bad thing. Best friends hang in.

Let’s see how the Rainbow helps with real friendships:

Red:  Each respects and cares for the other’s fitness

   Orange:  Full togetherness creates a new being

      Yellow:  Open minds lead to a growing bond

         Green:  Each has tasted solid family bonds

            Blue:  Right and wrong are very clear

               Purple:  Faith in God and faith in others are inseparable

FWR says:  A real friendship requires constant attention