Sunday, April 28, 2013


FWR Says:  Our Pace is Killing Us

This phrase is all too familiar. Seldom do we take it literally. For four year-old Gary, it was all too literal. The delivery man drove his truck up to the local Boys club. He rushed into the office, delivered his parcel and rushed out to drive off. He didn’t see Gary behind his wheels. Gary died on the spot.

Our daily rush takes lives, injures many times more and is just plain rude. Who knows what physical and psychological pain we are causing in our daily rush? What happens to us and our children as we dash to get out the door each morning? Certainly, a child’s school day starts poorly if he is still trying to wake up as he gets to school.

All this is a strange contrast to our real world of nature. Before we came along, there were trees, birds, fish and grass. They all are living, growing and multiplying - often with great beauty. This is our environment. Has anybody said that we are physically and psychologically created to go at blinding speed when our natural cousins have a drastically different pace? Who knows what harm we are doing to ourselves, our families and our communities?

When we think about it, there are few places where we can be without rush. A lake, trees, a creek, a book and the right company can do it. This means that if we want wellness, we must adjust our lives to let our natural pace return. We are hearing now of the person who walks out of the office, relocates himself away from the hustle, takes on a different and lower standard of living and new interests – cabin building, quilting or a favourite sport or hobby.

FWR Ways:  It is time that we take the time needed to live well

Monday, April 15, 2013


FWR Says: Balance is Essential for Family Wellness.

We all know the essentials for family wellness: body, mind, spirit, relationships and values. We don’t know enough how to blend these in practical family life. Why do we have uncertainties about this?

Our families need a balance of the essentials to assure the character and nurture of all family members. But, our families are surrounded by an “individual freedoms” culture. Modern marketing skills in governments, business and the media promote benefits for individuals (and themselves).

In our Western culture most have too many choices. Only the Family can bring balance into the lives of children.

Here are some simple choices families can make to bring balance:

              Donating vs. Getting?           Quiet vs. Blaster?

             Exercise vs. Obesity?            Study vs. Hanging Around?

Gardening vs. Street Protests?            Meals Together vs. On-the-Go?

                                     Chores vs. Couch?

FWR Says:  By families making better choices, we get balanced family wellness