Tuesday, November 20, 2007


There is a mountain of evidence that many kids have serious emotional and behavior disorders.

In the 70’s and 80’s government put major funding into children’s mental health centers. There are some 40 excellent such centers in Ontario - all with big waiting lists.

Over 50 years the statistics on emotional and behavior disorders in children have grown worse. Then one in ten children had such problems and 25% got the service they needed. Now one in five children have such disorders and only 25% will get the help they need. (Ontario Children’s Mental Health)

Now, there will be no new money for these children. In most cases, waiting until psychological treatment is needed is usually too late.

Governments and agencies aren’t going to provide this needed help for these children.

The only alternative is families. Most serious emotional and behavior disorders in children can be prevented or at least managed by families. They face two challenges. First they must learn a lot more about raising kids in this high risk world. Second they must work together with those in the community with the professional know-how.

Otherwise we face a new crop of child crises since there will be no new money for mental health centers.

Looking for resources to help? Have a look at www.familycybermall.org, a website that provides a list of resources for families. One more helpful step towards meeting THE FAMILY CHALLENGE.