Saturday, February 15, 2014


FWR Says: Family Wellness - The Only Solution to Our Money Problems

The family is in the vise-like grips of the financial leaders. The rich leaders (business, professions and governments) are totally financed by the middle and the lower classes (prices, fees and taxes) – their only sources.

The financial leaders profit using other people’s money. They spend first on themselves. After that, they spend to extract more money under the label of “You can trust us”. The financial systems are so big and so powerful, one wonders how the family has a chance to control its own earnings.

Here are some family survival ways:

I. Remember that the family can decide where it spends its money - cars, insurance, taxes, food, education, recreation.

II. Put whole family in charge of its money – everybody works and has say on the family budget

III. Lower standards of living - house, car, entertainment – delay major expenses.

IV. Insurance only for high risks - big deductibles

V. Only one family charge card - pay off debts

VI. Build a Family Fund - save 10% on all earnings

VII. Start a cottage industry - garden, barter services (electronic, home care, professional services) new products

VIII. Cut back on fancy electronic gadgets

FWR Says: Family control of its money requires drastic family actions


FWR Says: Wellness is to be found First in the Home!

Where else can we find:

* Unconditional love - forever
* Secure haven - whenever
* Fun, humour and faith
* Springboard for learning, career and service

All these are available 24/7 in the family that has solidarity. If it takes a village to grow a child, it takes the whole family to do the job - one or two parents can’t do it on their own.

Business, the professions, governments and the media are not interested in family solidarity. They actually promote family fragmentation. Even the “helping” organizations like hospitals, schools, colleges and even some churches fail to promote family solidarity.

The family wellness rainbow with its six colours shows the way to family solidarity: Health, Relationships, Learning, Total Family, Values and Faith. Each of these essential elements, when together, makes for family solidarity and wellness.

Family solidarity comes when the whole family (parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents) decide to work together. Each family can become consolidated with help from small local groups, community agencies and churches.

FWR Says: The family needs to regain the vision for its worth.