Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Now, the big one is H1N1 flu

  • We can’t get all the information we need
  • Can we trust the new injection?
  • Why is it high risk for some and not for others?
  • Is all this panic really necessary?

We have other bigger epidemics going on:

  • Diabetes rates will double in the next 15 years
    (Columbia Medical School, Cleveland Clinic)
  • Diabetic children will start dying before their parents
  • Childhood asthma is big and growing
  • Attention deficit affects large number of school children
  • Anxiety drugs are in regular use by adults and children

What do all these epidemics have in common?

  • As we all know, the one word answer is lifestyle
  • Fast foods make fat that reduce fitness
  • Rushed family life leave children short on hugs
  • Family focus on debt takes attention away from wellness

We all know what we need to do

  • Our family life is the only place we can change
  • We can do fruit juice rather than sodas
  • We can turn some couch time into fitness time
  • We can lean up our daily menu
  • We could take our foot off the pedal

The Big Fact: Our Lifestyle is Killing Us

Let's hear your thoughts on this latest FAMILY CHALLENGE.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


We are living a life of extremes:

  • We drive over the speed limit
  • We spend beyond our incomes
  • Our TVs fill us with extremes
  • We live in loud, surround sound

The price of our fast living is very high

  • Stress is everywhere with everyone
  • Our rushed kids have attention deficits
  • The cars we drive kill and maim thousands
  • We are in overdrive because we overspend

High pace kills; Moderation pays

  • Fast pace leads to bad friends; slow pace leads to good ones
  • High speed kills; low speed is much safer
  • Our dress shows the real us: moderate or extreme
  • Kindly words encourage: coarse words turn folks off
  • Extremes are exhausting: moderation takes little effort

We know we are going too fast

  • There is a new interest in meditation
  • Walking trails are becoming popular
  • We are dressing down
  • Fitness is starting to replace anxiety pills
  • We find some peace in our favorite pods
  • Our spirituality is becoming important again

What we can do:

  • We can slow ourselves down, if not our world
  • We can slow our family down and take a breath
  • We can even take time to smell the flowers

Can your family slow down and meet this FAMILY CHALLENGE?