Friday, May 15, 2009


The Old Family Story

  • Dad too busy at work
  • No energy at home for the kids
  • Little boys missed guy time with Dad
  • Little girls missed their time with Dad

The New Story is Very Different

  • Mom works at work, home, marriage - tries to run too fast
  • When Mom’s strung out, the family is strung out
  • Shift work doesn’t work for kids who need continuity
  • Kids are left with more freedom than they can handle

Overstressed Parents Are Trying to Raise Kids

  • Community kid culture brings questionable values
  • Kids run the schools - police patrol for drugs, like the street
  • Churches have lost their grip on family life
  • Business and government peddle their products and programs

What About the Family?

  • Needs to regroup, get a grip and take control of family life
  • Need to regain focus on the big job - raising kids
  • Shift priorities from goodies to wellness
  • Kids need to hear and feel parent values and beliefs

What About Mom?

  • Take a breath and put family first
  • Dad and kids need to stand up to the plates, rugs, money
  • Mom needs to discover her new role in a working family
  • Time for Mom to set a new family

How is your family meeting this FAMILY CHALLENGE?

Friday, May 01, 2009


In our day, Moms are trying to do two or more jobs - well. By her taking a breath, Dad, the kids and the grandparents can share in the heavy lifting.Betsey Hart, Chicago radio station WYLL says “If Dads are there at all, it’s SuperMom handling everything”.

Look what’s happening to Mom and Dad:

  • The sheriff leading the charge down Main Street is a lady
  • The press plays up bad Dad deserting the family
  • Moms must now compete with Dads in the muscle fitness world
  • Press jokes about Dads outnumber Mom jokes 10 to 1

Looks What’s Happening to the Family

  • The full-time homemaker is replaced by part-time homemakers
  • Family life is a rat race much like the community
  • No time to get together
  • Relationships get and stay frayed in all the hustle
  • Grandparents mostly out of the family loop
  • Use of anxiety medications skyrocketing
  • Families try getting all their solutions from the community

What’s Driving this Family Imbalance?

  • Businesses that target individuals - particularly women
  • Governments promoting individual rights instead of family rights
  • Media dish out extreme examples of lousy family life
  • Groups claim conspiracies against women

How to Correct All This Family Fragmentation

  • Parents need to get together and take control of family life
  • Material goals need to be lowered to be within reason
  • Reinvent regular family time for fun, sharing, decisions, prayer

Take a breath and meet this latest FAMILY CHALLENGE.