Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A Clinician’s Viewpoint

Most of us have a door that squeak. The cure is often sandpaper or the plane. Once fixed, we are good for a year then its back. Then we go through the same routine.

The squeak could be caused by the whole building settling. Why would it shift? Water around the foundations could do it. The solution then could be some tile work to drain the water.

For a house foundation to be firm it needs a good slab, tile drains, solid walls, waterproofing and solid base of soil and sand. Houses built like that are less likely to have squeaky doors that keep returning.

This is the story of our own wellness and anxiety. Our foundation must have the essentials. The Wellness Rainbow says there are six: Health, Relationships, Knowledge, Family Roots, Values and Faith. Our chances of chronic anxiety go way down with such a solid foundation.

If we ignore our foundation, we do what we are now doing. When there is a squeak, we go for a quick fix - like some drug. Like the door, this is not really a fix. It is a band aid that lasts only a short while.

The trouble with band aids and drugs is that they can become habitual. Or, they can have bad side effects. In the case of the door, it loses its shape. In our case, we can end up with stomach, sleep or concentration problems.

Sound mental health comes from a solid foundation. On that base, when problems occur, wellness will see us through even if medication is needed.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


This blog talks a lot about the fragmentation of the family. However, despite the great pressures on family life, the family has within itself huge resources.

Here are the big ones
  • Family bonds are very powerful despite disputes and differences
  • The family has a great heritage in its own culture and roots
  • Family members with their spending control the economy
  • Politicians vie for the vote of family members
  • Media ratings are controlled by the family members
  • Despite schools and courts, the family has the controls of its children
Recently, The Markham Institute introduced a free presentation based on THE FAMILY CHALLENGE. The Eye on the Family Presentation shows the impact of the fragmenting forces of business, governments, media and community agencies. It reminds families of their great strengths. Then it outlines three ways families can strengthen themselves. Two of these ways take advantage of the internet.

The Eye on the Family presentation is available along with presenter notes. If you are interested in viewing or finding out more information on this presentation, send an email to requesting a free copy. Of course, we continue to be interested in hearing your comments on THE FAMILY CHALLENGE, just click on the comment button below to add your views.