Monday, November 15, 2010


- A Clinician’s Viewpoint

The family is facing very tough times for its job of raising children and looking after all its members. Not long ago, we had a family doctor, family lawyer, friendly local storekeeper and banker, schools we trusted and police and postmen we knew well. The radio had pleasant sounds. The priest was our confidante.

Now things are drastically different:

  • Health care has become a system with endless delays and medications.
  • The legal system is full of delays, traps and tricks.
  • Our food store’s first skill is marketing – stuff we don’t always need.
  • Our financial systems are brutal, locking us in by their fees.
  • Our schools and colleges have become secular and drug infested.
  • The media force all the limits with gross spectaculars.
  • Now, even the priests are under suspicion.

So, most of the community resources we relied on for our family welfare has turned into threats. The family now has its back to the wall.

Returning to first principles, the family is the bedrock of our society. It provides primary security and conditions for child rearing. It still has the world’s most important job.

How does the family take practical steps to strengthen itself? As things stand now, our legacy to our children includes a rush-rush lifestyle, maybe an education and big debt. Our society has become hostile with its drugs, road rage, porn and violence.

The family can bring change with a new focus on family wellness. The new Family Wellness Rainbow is one good approach. Wellness shifts the focus from all the problems to the good things in life.

The Rainbow has a balance of six essentials that families need to ensure their wellness:

Health - Wellness is still the best medicine. It promotes health that stays off illness and helps us cope when illness strikes.

Relationships - In no other place can we and our children experience consistent caring in good and bad times.

Knowledge - Only the family can guide children in the selection and use of today’s endless information sources.

The Family Itself - New recognition is needed by all families of the importance of its unique nature and job in these tough times.

Values - All of us need new appreciation of the good, the bad and the consequences of both.

Faith - Belief is still the bedrock of family life - we need to rediscover the simple truths.

The Family Wellness Rainbow is a new way to attend to wellness. It combines six essentials. It displays the need for balance across the colours and their value.

The legacy we are building for our children has new challenges. Faith is still the bedrock of family life. A renewed focus on family wellness is the most practical way through tough times for our families today.

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Monday, November 01, 2010


Wellness gives us health, relationships and our happiness.  Record a once-a-month check on your progress.

  • Are you feeling better inside?
  • Is your weight under control?
  • Has your concentration improved?
  • How are relationships going?
  • Are you eating smarter?
  • How are family dinners going?
  • Are you getting quiet times for yourself?
  • Are you getting outdoors regularly?
  • Have you made that important phone call?

The great value of a written check- up - you see how you’re doing.   Tell us how your family is doing in this latest FAMILY CHALLENGE.