Monday, June 25, 2007


In the good old days, Dad was seen as leader at home, work, school and church. Actually that never was because “the little woman” made sure things went well.

Now things are different. It is the century of the woman. Women go to work, they are the announcers for the media and even are CEO’s of big corporations. All this is good provided it is not at the cost of the family well-being.

Since Bumbstead men have been more portrayed as bumbling or macho; women are now portrayed as equal in ability. This is where families can suffer from the shifts.

Since Bumbstead the statistics have become alarming. Violent crime has soared – 600% as has single mom families – out of wedlock births is reaching 40%. Teen suicides have tripled.

Professor Stephen Green’s study shows children excel in school when Dads participate in their education.

David Popence of UTNE claims 50% of U.S. children go to sleep each evening without being able to say good-night to their Dads.

In Dad’s Day is Coming Part II, we look at two essential contributions Dads make in family life.

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Monday, June 04, 2007


Steve, the guy who invented AOL now sees that wellness is a big market. This is because companies can’t keep up with spiraling health care costs. But wellness is bigger than this.
We all want and need it.

Getting wellness seems simple - eat right, exercise, be with the right people, enjoy what we do and pray. The problem is that we start with a New Year’s resolution on one but it doesn’t last.

Sickness is also a problem. With one condition, there’s usually a pill. However with two or more conditions, sickness feeds on itself. We then spend all our time trying to get well again. Most of us will die from complications.

So, who cares if we are well beside ourselves? Usually only our family. They can help us stick to our wellness routines if they decide to.

So the big "SO" is - for us to enjoy wellness we need our family working for wellness. Our best chance for wellness is our family that is into wellness and encouraging each one.

So wellness is a great family job where everybody wins and enjoys it. Tell us about how your family is meeting this FAMILY CHALLENGE by clicking on the "comment" button found below this blog.