Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This is a big question in our world.

Our society seems intent on finding fun, in whatever form. If this is where we are headed, sorry to report that the incidence of mental health problems in children has doubled in the last 50 years.

It has been a common goal to work hard for retirement to have fun. The problem here is that retirement itself is retiring. Those who are retired find themselves working harder than ever.

So does this mean no fun? Not if we have the right attitude towards work. Many will say that the most important satisfactions come from work. Maybe fun is a fantasy that lures us away from work with nothing to show for it.

Fun might just be like happiness. If you go for it you don’t get it. But if you do the right things, fun comes as a perk which cannot be planned.

This line of thought is true in the faith. We grow in the faith through caring, serving and praying. Faith does not come easy or easily. It takes work.

The Family Wellness Rainbow shows us where we need to do some work.

Let’s here from you on this FAMILY CHALLENGE!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


There are only two authentic groups. The one is the fellowship with God. The other is the family – natural or blended. All other groups are manufactured by us, therefore prone to troubles.
  • Look what has happened to our self-made groupings recently.
  • Our neighbour is now online, not next door.
  • Our faith group has become a denomination or sect. 
  • We’ve gone from family doctor to the clinic. 
  • The corner store has been replaced by the mall. 
  • Our news is now manufactured in the television studios.
Ours is an age of specialized organization. Each has its own mission, unique profession, service and financial values. The folks in these organizations must now play by the system rules.

Wellness of the whole person has become the sole job of the family and the faith group. From them must come the caring, motivation, guidance, values and right choices.

For help with the wellness job please see:  www.familycybermall.org