Saturday, August 17, 2013


FWR Asks: Are Families Winning the Money Wars?

Our society is ruled by money. Our question is: Are our families ruled by money? With two jobs, two mortgages, two cars, two charge cards, two-for-one sales – too much. The evidence is that money rules our families.

Families need a view of their own balance sheet to see clearly if they are winning or losing in the money wars. On their balance sheet there are Givers and Takers. These lists show the two sides to see who controls the family.

The Givers - Who is Helping Families

    Health Care - medicines and surgeries
    Education - teaching and learning
    Social Services - counseling and goods
    Churches - faith teaching
    Literature - Classical and modern
    Work - jobs and pay
    Technology - emails and phones

The Takers - Where Money is the Bottom Line

    Business - profits
    Governments - taxes
    Media - advertising
    Stores - sales
    Travel and Entertainment – prices
    Cars - loans and debts
    Banks - loans and debts
    Insurances - costs for security

With all these, the evidence of their money success is clear in every audit.

From this family balance sheet, the Takers are winning hands down. In other words, the families are working hard to stay out of debt. These Takers are so powerful, what chance does the family have to get ahead?

If families want to be more than victims, they have heavy decisions to make. They must find ways to reverse their spending and the saving ways. This will require new levels of family vision and teamwork.

FWR says:  Families have a choice - be in control or be controlled

Sunday, August 04, 2013


FWR Asks: What’s the most incredible change in families in 2,000 years?

Most young parents in North America received some sort of religious training. Their parents were folks who worshipped. Both generations learned:

    God dramatically gives the good life that overcomes the problems

    We have at least five thousand years of history of how God works

    The way to faith is by fellowship and prayer

    We find security and direction from God’s family of fellowship

    All this boils down to becoming those who serve others

Now the children of these young parents receive little spiritual experience. Instead, they are spiritually illiterate as they enter our society riddled with strange beliefs.

After thousands of years when millions of families lived by faith, we are graduating a whole new generation of young people with no knowledge or experience of what has been the foundation of our society.

FWR Asks: Why, in God’s name, is this incredible change happening to families?