Friday, June 29, 2012


FWR asks: How does the Wellness Rainbow work

Picture all the commercial wellness products and all the various therapies.

Where can you find a reliable one that is free when all the rest cost money?

Take for example Cecil, who heard that King Solomon had said that “spite” does bad things. One morning in his daily quiet time, it hit him - he was guilty of nursing spite for 30 years. He had spent energy thinking bad thoughts about two people all that time. He had been hurting others and himself.

Here, the Rainbow delivered a message to Cecil. It was, either keep spite or stop. He stopped right there. It took over three weeks of the Rainbow attention reminding him and his friend of the goal and the result. Then he woke up to the fact that his spite had gone. After 30 years - he was clear of that spite.

How about that for in-depth therapy!

The Rainbow is both free and simple. What makes it grow is steady, day-by-day work. Here is the Wellness way for individuals and families - Please check

  • We scan each of the six Rainbow elements asking “How are we doing?"
  • We decide what most needs our attention today.
  • We write a goal for today which defines the result.
  • We share this with a good friend.
  • With regular attention, this simple exercise can bring big changes. It has proven to fix big and little problems.
FWR says: The Rainbow really works and it is free

Friday, June 22, 2012


FWR Asks: What is the real job of the family?

The obvious answer is - raising kids.

The Torrances are a typical new family. When the first baby arrives they fumble because they are trying to do the world’s most important job with little or no training. They have read some books and listened to their parent’s advice. Truth is that raising kids requires experience which they don’t have. They may be smart but will they be lucky?

Why are new parents not ready for the job? They need child care experience, but start with none. If they and their parents were really smart, they would have learned about raising kids from their own wider family.

Could it be that the first task of parents is shared training? This suggests that training becomes a big feature of family life. What is missing is actual experience. The new parents don’t have it, but their parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents do. These folks have learned the hard way. Hopefully they have learned from most of their mistakes. They have the experience new parents need.

The young folks can get involved in child care before they face it as parents. They can take up baby-sitting and leading games at home. Volunteering at community services such as day care centers and schools – are also good places to learn the real way.

What is the big idea here? It is that the teenage years is the time to get experience helping to raise kids. This is revolutionary because we have bought into the teen craze of learning about themselves by doing a lot of dumb things. Parents can change that with the right attitude towards child raising.

The Torrance family has more than its share of challenges - jobs, wide family fragmentation, “New Age” beliefs and behaviors, schools and other community professionals not oriented to family wellness. The Torrances are largely on their own with little time for new ideas.

It is time that the Torrance wider clan helps their new parents to get a new vision of family wellness by sharing child care experiences. There is a new resource. It is called The Family Wellness Rainbow. With this kind of overview, the Torrances can find time for the world’s most important job.

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FWR Says:  It is time the family makes childcare training a must for all

Thursday, June 14, 2012


FAMILY WELLNESS RAINBOW (FWR) says: Why the Family Wellness Rainbow is so Great

The Rainbow approach starts with an image of the whole big picture. It shows each family how to work out its own wellness combination.

Wellness is a job unique to the family. Nobody else can qualify and understand the unique features of a family. Only the family is on duty 24/7. Wellness plans globally and act locally.

Using one family as an example, here is their own Rainbow Wellness picture:

Red for Fitness: Exercise is number one with us

Orange for Relationships: Our love must be open and caring

Yellow for Know-How: Decisions need a mix of new and old views

Green for Family: Who is more important, me or my family?

Blue for Values: The top one is service to others

Purple for Faith: We discuss the big question: “What’s is life all about anyway?”

The best use of the Rainbow is a regular scan to check ourselves out. We use the Rainbow to decide what needs work today. We set one goal for the day that tells the result we want.

The Family Wellness Rainbow is a family self-care tool. The Rainbow has proven itself as an aid to daily personal preparation. It also has been successfully used by small groups.

FWR says: Wellness is the family’s greatest asset.