Thursday, November 17, 2011


What is more important than the character of our children and our grandchildren?

Next big question is: “How does it happen?” We try to be good examples. We teach them what we can. We give them good opportunities - like reading. We know that love is really big and that they need some rules.

Does that get it? The answer is: So far so good, but all this doesn’t go far enough. Then what does? Try this:

Let me think of one feature in my character which I prize. Let’s say it is “fairness with others”. Now let’s scan the horizons of my family to find that particular person who is really fair in his/her dealings.

The big lesson here for family wellness is that the important character traits flow down from the older members of the family to the present generation of kids and grandkids.

How does this happen? Mostly silently. A child sees his grandmother pray at bedside at night. Nothing has been said. The child already knows that his grandma is a good person. Onto his screen comes the vision of her praying. That vision can easily last a lifetime for that child. It can be a big influence as the child grows to face the questions of faith.

In this view, character traits flow from the older to the younger generations – silently. This process can not be programmed. It happens through the bonds of family life.

The big lesson here? What matters is that nurturing of children comes from their experience of the lives of other family members. This means that parents who want the best for their kids must tend to their own lifestyles first. It also means that grandparents, aunts and uncles can have major influences on the child’s character from the strengths in their own characters.

The other big thing is that the character development of children depends much more on what we are than about what we say. Children have X-ray vision that sees through to the very core of their adults. Their wellness depends on our wellness.

Goal for Today: We ensure that our children have good access to the other family members.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Here are the big trends that impact the family:
  • Declining living standards from debt loads
  • Epidemics like anxiety, obesity, etc
  • Misuse of prescription and illegal drugs
  • Rapidly changing values and beliefs
  • Domestic and imported violence and terror
  • Government intrusion into family life
  • Press focus on the ugly extremes

If this is true, families need a renewed focus on Wellness.   The Family Wellness Rainbow is one good way!

To see the Family Wellness Rainbow go to: