Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The Family Wellness Rainbow’s six colours give the ingredients for wellness. When in balance, each colour helps every other one.

Hazel neglected colon cancer signs overdoing fitness.

Gerry got diabetes – neglected diet in pursuit of education.

Our wholeness comes from combining our different gifts. Fitness alone, or a club, or faith doesn’t give wholeness.

The Family Wellness Rainbow leads to wholeness in two ways:

It takes a family through the six colour essentials

It helps a family set one, clear goal and do it

Check out The Family Wellness Rainbow at www.familycybermall.org and meet your FAMILY’S CHALLENGES!

Saturday, September 04, 2010


We are blessed with competent and caring medical staff.

But, technology is renovating health care.

The new benefits are great - more and specialized service.

But, the new medical technology works on numbers and systems.

Our diagnosis, treatment and drugs flow from these numbers.

Medical time for individual attention is shrinking.

Since I am special, not average, who's looking out for me?

Who checks if the latest drug is working for me?

Our only answer left:  THE FAMILY!

Our families now must keep track of their own health information.

We can use technology to build new medical partnerships.

Wellness is the Family Way:  www.familycybermall.org

What are your thoughts on this latest FAMILY CHALLENGE?