Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Most families are related by blood, some by affection, some by purpose and some by activity. Whichever, it is the bonds that count. The family is where we belong - and everybody belongs somewhere.

The much bigger question today is “How much does the family matter?”

Here are some big reasons the family matters:

  • A child needs a family to be born and raised.
  • It takes parents at least 20 years before a child can leave home.
  • All family members need a place that is safe and supportive.
  • They need the money the family has.
  • Family life is the biggest part of education.
  • Personal beliefs have their origin in the family.
  • Who will bury you?

In the hubbub of daily living, we can lose sight of all the things that make a family great and successful. Strange that we take family life so much for granted – especially at this time, when families are being fragmented by our high speed, material world. In too many cases, children are suffering from disorders because family members are too busy and not well informed about family life.

Here are some ways that strengthen the family:

  • A family needs to get a vision of itself - why it’s vital.
  • The vision needs to be big enough: body, mind and spirit.
  • A family grows when all family members grow together.
  • Grandparents need a big part - they’ve already done it once.
  • Parents should be team leaders - bosses are unnecessary.
  • Families need to eat together, play together and pray together.

Here are good and quick resources for family life:

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