Friday, November 23, 2012


FWR says:   Here’s one good way to handle an addiction

We have an addiction when we lose control of our behaviour. We all have at least one. Some addictions like grumpiness and greed, can escape public attention.

AA has the best grasp on dealing with addictions. Their main steps include:

    Just stop (intentions don’t do it)

    Own up to at least one trusted person

    Pray daily to hang in

Here’s a real life example. Harold, a senior, has daily devotions with his wife. One day she quoted King Solomon who said that spite is destructive. The next day Harold, doing his Rainbow meditation, bumped into the Yellow from the Wellness Rainbow which says to decide one thing for today.

Suddenly Harold realized he was keeping two 30-year old spites. He knew he had to stop. Why be so dumb keeping old hurts alive? He stopped. Then, for over three weeks, Harold bumped into the Yellow from the Wellness Rainbow telling him to hang in each day.

Then a miracle happened. He realized he was free! No more wasted energy. Now, he watches out for new spites trying to hatch. Now, he realizes he is free to treat the two old spites peacefully.

FWR says:    Any addiction can be controlled – it just takes grit and faith.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


FWR Says: Family Wellness for the GOOD LIFE II

Just How Good is Family Wellness?  Here’s How Good:

Family Wellness - Shows us a better family life
     A family trip that is sweet rather than sour

Wellness won’t let one problem spoil our day
     One headache doesn’t make our day

Wellness overcomes problems
     Wellness thinking replaces problem thinking

Family Wellness - Wards off illness
     When we are well, the germs have a hard time

Family Wellness - Wellness breeds wellness in others
     It can bring to life a relationship we have neglected

Family Wellness - Brings focus to life by one daily goal
     A goal a day keeps the blues away

Family Wellness - Shows our kids what’s good in life
     When we are well, our kids get it

Family Wellness - Makes our family beliefs clearer
     Family beliefs build family bonds

FWR Says: For family wellness, see this bulletin and

Friday, November 09, 2012


FWR Says:  Parents are the Family Leaders

Much is written these days about the nature of leadership. We don’t always consider applying that growing knowledge to family life. We are so busy, we are lucky to spend much time on this big subject. More often we go with what we’ve got.

It may help parents to consider the key lessons from literature on leadership.  Here is a digest:
  • Leading is moving from boss to coach.

  • People don’t learn by being told. People learn by trying things out.

  • Good leading helps folks learn, discover their talents and grow.

  • Sound leadership fosters teamwork - the vision of the team and how it works.

  • Leading encourages mutual dialogue, decisions and actions.

  • Leaders ensure all know their responsibilities.

  • Leaders make the rules clear.

  • Leaders, on occasion, must take charge and give directions.

  • Leaders know that trust is a foundation.
Leading is a tough job. It can be lonely. It can be unpopular. It requires the leader to do two jobs at once - get things done and support the folks.

FWR Says:  The big satisfaction in leading is seeing folks learn and grow

Monday, November 05, 2012


FWR Says: Wellness for the GOOD LIFE I

With Family Wellness - We have a real nice day!
      Wellness is positive; problems become secondary

Family Wellness - When we are well, we want it for others
      This is how we become peace makers

Family Wellness - Creates a healthy mind
      We want to help, not hurt, ourselves or others

Family Wellness - Strengthens our family ties
      Now, our family is part of our daily life

Family Wellness - Helps us kick one bad habit
      Willpower can’t break a habit:
           wellness overcomes the bad with good

Family Wellness - Gives us a new sense of purpose!
      When well, the family becomes -Team Family

Family Wellness is a new mindset - replaces problem thinking
      We grow up with wellness and down with problems

FWR Says: For family wellness read this bulletin and