Saturday, March 01, 2014


FWR Says: How Family Wellness Promotes Faith

Young families are completely confused by all the differences in the religions – beliefs and activities. They are too busy to try to figure religion out, so they don’t.

There is a simple way to figure out their own faith. This is simple but not easy – they have to have answers to the big faith question:

“What’s it all about?”

From this effort they see that faith is deeply personal; churches are less personal - organizations that promote certain beliefs and practices.

Families must get to the heart of things by their own answers to the big faith question.

The families find that faith is a matter of their choices. They must choose and decide what they really believe about life. This faith governs their acts. Fortunately this not a one time thing. Faith takes daily attention to make sure that the actions of the day fit their beliefs. Faith searchers can get help from the family itself, others and from churches. In this life-long process, they will have mountain top experiences but the daily discipline is a grind.

How can the Family Wellness Rainbow help? The Rainbow and faith have much in common. They are both holistic and for each day - effecting all aspects of life. The Rainbow has six big areas: Health, Relationships, Knowledge, Family life, Values and Faith. Holistic faith applies to the same areas of life. Faith, like Family Wellness is a total, daily matter.

FWR Says: The Family Wellness Rainbow can lead to daily and holistic faith.


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