Monday, July 31, 2006

Welcome to EYE ON THE FAMILY - Let’s Get it Right!

Our Purpose: Find Our Family's Missing Link
The thesis of this blog is that there is a vital missing link at the heart of our Western society. It is like we haven’t discovered our key family gene. Powerful economic, political, racial and religious forces impede discovery of our essence. Our families are facing a whole new set of challenges.

But, with a new eye on the family, we can identify and deal with our missing link. Only then, can we expect to deal with the overpowering complexities of our age that are tearing away at our families: poverty, illness, injustice, stress and terror.

The efforts here are twofold:

1. Look squarely at the forces antithetical to family welfare of our society.
2. Examine strategies to strengthen family well-being.

The agenda here is based on the conviction that our world is at war with itself and our families. We suffer from a complex neurosis fostered by the following world forces:

- the vast economic leverage of business on our family decisions
- the misguided pressures exerted by governments
- failing efforts of religions to support family life
- the distortion of family values promoted by the media
- the gaps between our families and the schools
- our legal system that divides families

Against this dreadful montage are specific strategies that can make for civilized, democratic, growth-promoting features for our families. They include:

1. Reconstitution of the family
2. Team-based leadership
3. Self-help small group networks
4. The spiritual dimension in all areas of life
5. The family and the internet.

All our families are in facing these challenges. There are too many things we could do. The thing is - do one good thing well, now. will help do it.

Please join us in dialogue of our THE FAMILY CHALLENGE.